That Checkbox that makes things go Red

While you’ve been twiddling with picking powers, perhaps you’ve noticed the little checkbox at the top-left of each power:


If you’re especially saucy, perhaps you tried unticking it, and discovered that it makes the power turn an unhappy shade of red:


When you did that, you turned off your character’s Flight power, and they abruptly plunged twelve stories onto a concrete parking lot. So now you know what that does.

The checkbox can be used to control if your character’s powers are active or inactive. When the power is active, it affects the character – so if you check the stats at the bottom of the page, you’ll note that your character’s Fly speed goes away when you untick their Flight power. This can very handy for keeping your character’s abilities up to date as different powers become active or inactive, especially if they are in a Multipower (because only one power in a Multipower can be active at a time) or if a power has the Situational limitation.

Inactive powers are also displayed like this on the character sheets. If your character design has a couple of modes, where one set of powers are active and another set are inactive, you might want to save them in those different states.

Author: Devastating Weakness

Bitten by a non-radioactive wood louse, Devastating Weakness gained the ability to make things appear on the internet by staying up late and poking at a keyboard.

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