Saving and Sharing

So you’ve taken a mild-mannered Glaswegian barista, subjected them to radioactive marmoset bites, and had them cursed by a Mayan witch doctor beneath the strange green glow of a passing comet. Then applied Spandex and a tragic backstory.

Even worse, you’ve grossly abused the system with a 5-point Linked Immobilization and Weaken, and you’ve picked a few unreasonably broad Immunities. It’s time to release this obscenity on an unsuspecting world.

There’s three ways to do that.

The first way is by clicking the Export button. That’ll give you your character’s data in a handy (and lovably ugly) text format. Copy and paste that into a plain text file (or an email or whatever) and tuck it away safe. Next time you come back to the site, click the Import button, paste the text in, and click Go – and voilà, your character’s back. You can email or message that text to other people, and they can use the site to Import your character as well.

The second way is to click the Save as Link button. That will save the current state of your character, and give you a nice little link, like Click the link, and your character will open in the site. Give the link to your pals, or pop it in a forum post. If you update your character, click Save as Link again and you’ll get a new link with your updated character.

The last/third way is to click the Character Sheet button, then pick the BBCode Format option. That will produce a bunch of odd-looking text scattered with [ and *, which you should copy. Paste it into the  BASH! forums at, and it will magically turn into a properly formatted character.

The even-more-last/fourth way is to click the Character Sheet button, print the page, then physically carry it about and show it to people. But we’re not living in the Elizabethan Period any more.




Author: Devastating Weakness

Bitten by a non-radioactive wood louse, Devastating Weakness gained the ability to make things appear on the internet by staying up late and poking at a keyboard.

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