BASH! Creator: Origin Story

Why this is a thing.

About a month ago the guys asked if we could play another BASH! (Basic Action Super Heroes) mini-campaign. The last one was a blast, so I said ‘Sure’. The only fly in the ointment was character design. The BASH! system is pretty simple, but there are a few spots that are a bit tricky, like Multipowers, Linked powers, Special Attacks, and Variable powers. Last time it took a lot of emailing to get the characters set up, and I wasn’t looking forward to that.

Then I thought ‘Hey, I’m a programmer!’ And I’ve been learning some nifty new web technologies lately… maybe I can build something to help design characters, and try out some of these cool new techie toys. And I found myself getting a wee bit obsessive about working on it.

So I spent about a month banging on my keyboard in the evenings and weekends, and this thing came out the far side:



Author: Devastating Weakness

Bitten by a non-radioactive wood louse, Devastating Weakness gained the ability to make things appear on the internet by staying up late and poking at a keyboard.

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