BASH! Creator: Origin Story

Why this is a thing.

About a month ago the guys asked if we could play another BASH! (Basic Action Super Heroes) mini-campaign. The last one was a blast, so I said ‘Sure’. The only fly in the ointment was character design. The BASH! system is pretty simple, but there are a few spots that are a bit tricky, like Multipowers, Linked powers, Special Attacks, and Variable powers. Last time it took a lot of emailing to get the characters set up, and I wasn’t looking forward to that.

Then I thought ‘Hey, I’m a programmer!’ And I’ve been learning some nifty new web technologies lately… maybe I can build something to help design characters, and try out some of these cool new techie toys. And I found myself getting a wee bit obsessive about working on it.

So I spent about a month banging on my keyboard in the evenings and weekends, and this thing came out the far side: www.bashcreator.net.



So how do like it?

Now that you have BASH! Creator helpless in your evil clutches, how do you like it?

There’s a list of stuff I still have to do on the In Progress page of the site, which includes:

To Do’s

  • Does not calculate Priority.
  • Does not display Result Bonuses.
  • Does not include bonuses from Fleet of Foot power in calculated stats.
  • Does not include bonuses from Heightened power in calculated stats.
  • Does not include bonuses from Growth or Shrinking in calculated stats.
  • Does not include extra skill slots from Skillful power, or reduced slots from Age(Young) disadvantage.
  • Not sure how a stat of zero should affect Powers that depend on stat level.
  • Add custom (user-defined) powers, advantages and disadvantages.
  • Validate that linked powers have the same range and area enhancements.
  • Validate that adding a Range or Area enhancement to a power that does not have range or area options requires you buy the Range or Area enhancement as well.
  • Weapons/equipment.
  • Print-friendly character sheets.


  • Responsive design (resizing to smaller screens) needs some work.
  • Can add the same skill twice.

So, aside from those issues, if you find any bugs, or things that confuse or enrage you, use the form on the Contact page to let me know. Or just bung it in the Comments below.

Declarations of praise and eternal gratitude are are also welcome. Feel free to click the little Facebooky Twittery Redditty thingies at the bottom of the page too.

That Checkbox that makes things go Red

While you’ve been twiddling with picking powers, perhaps you’ve noticed the little checkbox at the top-left of each power:


If you’re especially saucy, perhaps you tried unticking it, and discovered that it makes the power turn an unhappy shade of red:


When you did that, you turned off your character’s Flight power, and they abruptly plunged twelve stories onto a concrete parking lot. So now you know what that does.

The checkbox can be used to control if your character’s powers are active or inactive. When the power is active, it affects the character – so if you check the stats at the bottom of the page, you’ll note that your character’s Fly speed goes away when you untick their Flight power. This can very handy for keeping your character’s abilities up to date as different powers become active or inactive, especially if they are in a Multipower (because only one power in a Multipower can be active at a time) or if a power has the Situational limitation.

Inactive powers are also displayed like this on the character sheets. If your character design has a couple of modes, where one set of powers are active and another set are inactive, you might want to save them in those different states.

Saving and Sharing

So you’ve taken a mild-mannered Glaswegian barista, subjected them to radioactive marmoset bites, and had them cursed by a Mayan witch doctor beneath the strange green glow of a passing comet. Then applied Spandex and a tragic backstory.

Even worse, you’ve grossly abused the system with a 5-point Linked Immobilization and Weaken, and you’ve picked a few unreasonably broad Immunities. It’s time to release this obscenity on an unsuspecting world.

There’s three ways to do that.

The first way is by clicking the Export button. That’ll give you your character’s data in a handy (and lovably ugly) text format. Copy and paste that into a plain text file (or an email or whatever) and tuck it away safe. Next time you come back to the site, click the Import button, paste the text in, and click Go – and voilà, your character’s back. You can email or message that text to other people, and they can use the site to Import your character as well.

The second way is to click the Save as Link button. That will save the current state of your character, and give you a nice little link, like http://www.bashcreator.net/#/load/58ob0. Click the link, and your character will open in the site. Give the link to your pals, or pop it in a forum post. If you update your character, click Save as Link again and you’ll get a new link with your updated character.

The last/third way is to click the Character Sheet button, then pick the BBCode Format option. That will produce a bunch of odd-looking text scattered with [ and *, which you should copy. Paste it into the  BASH! forums at bashtalk.org, and it will magically turn into a properly formatted character.

The even-more-last/fourth way is to click the Character Sheet button, print the page, then physically carry it about and show it to people. But we’re not living in the Elizabethan Period any more.